We're wild about wildlife & It's in our DNA

Magical Wildlife Tours is a boutique Destination Management Company focused mainly on Wildlife Tours and Safaris with a country wide network and dedicated teams that specialize in every facet of travel. With passion for wilderness and wildlife, we pride ourselves for our in-depth knowledge of wildlife and range of services offered, highly trained and motivated teams, exclusive panel of knowledgeable guides etc.

Our consistent performance has been possible due to our tireless and constant efforts to fine tune our service standards  and to introduce new products or innovate existing ones. Our teams with their ears to the ground, understand the needs of the market and our clients. Catering to these needs, we offer niche specialist platforms for wildlife & adventure and luxury. The company recognizes its social responsibility and mandate for sustainability in every destination in which it operates.



Our values are at the core of everything we do. They help us deliver the experience of a lifetime, every time.

We are passionate

We are passionate about our customers and what we do.

We are creative

We design innovative experiences in co-creation with our partners.

We are trustworthy

We deliver on our promises consistently.

Our Approach

What sets our friendly tours apart from the rest is our approach to the environment. We don’t feed or harass the animals but observe them in their natural habitats. We take steps to reduce the amount of waste we create and are aware of the human impact in the wild.


"At the very heart of Magical Wildlife Tours is conservation. That is why from every holiday we host at least 10% of the profits are invested in conservation projects or donated to wildlife charities".